Green Living in Arizona

american solar

Being energy aware is important for our families as well as our environment. This page will add resources for our clients that we have found that we useful. 

American Solar Electric installed our Solar PV System on our roof and you can click there logo for more information on their web site. Click here to see our solar panel production today.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009  Did something that the Jimmy Carter administration couldn't do. It put some financial help for everybody looking to go green.

Energy Efficient Housing Tax Credits & Grants - To promote green jobs and energy independence, ARRA invests significantly in efforts to make homes and buildings more energy efficient.  The bill provides state and local governments with $6 billion in energy efficiency and conservation grants for energy audits, retrofits and financial incentives. Homeowners will be able to claim a 30% tax credit (up from 10%) for purchases of new furnaces, windows and insulation.  Another $5 billion will be available to modernize the nation’s electricity grid and install smart meters on homes that help to save consumers money.  There is also $5 billion for weatherization assistance for low income households and $2 billion for federally assisted housing (section 8) efficiency efforts. 

Federal Incentives

State by State Energy Saving incentives available

Energy Programs Available in Arizona

Incentives for Photovoltaics